Enserv Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in providing ON-SITE oil maintenace (Oil Quality) testing services of single  phase and three phase Substation (Power Transformers), single phase and three phase Pad Mounted Transformers, and single and three phase Pole Mounted Transformers for transformer's owners.

      Enserv was founded in 1993 and test transformers for PCB's, Dissolved Gasses (Dissolved Gas Analysis), Power Factor, Moisture (Karl Fischer), Furans, Metals, Dielectric, Interfacial Tension.   Samples are extracted by a certrified hazardous waste site workers with approximately twenty years experience in extracting oil samples from Power Transformers (Substation Transformers), Pole Mounted, and Pad Mounted Transformers.

     Personnel performing sampling activities obtain representative samples of electrical equipment, and help clientele establish baselines and monitoring criteria to establish effective times when necessary to service Transformers to prevent outages.  Assesments are prepared for clientele for each Transformer tested by Enserv Environmental Services, Inc.  Visual inspections are also included with the transformer's operating condition report.

      Enserv provides assistance to utilities in testing transformers damaged by Storms, and will provide emergency assistance to Clientele which incur storm damage, and will provide documented reports to assist with the disposal of PCB, PCB Contaminated, and Non-PCB Transformers. 

     Enserv, also, provides PCB consulting services to owners of PCB and PCB Contaminated Transformers, and can assist you with make arrangements for the disposal of PCBs, PCB Contaminated, and Non PCB Transformers. 

      If you would like additional information regarding transformer testing services provided by Enserv Environmental Services, Inc., please contact Rick at 501-837-3401 or by email at enservenv@centurytel.net 

     "Enserv Environmental Services, Inc. is your choice for success"